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Kitesurfing Cumbuco Vila Coqueiros
Kitesurfing Hotel Cumbuco

About our Beach Front Hotel

Vila Coqueiros is a beautiful boutique kite surfing hotel in the tropical town of Cumbuco on the North East coast of Brazil. We provide the perfect environment to kite surf, relax, dine and make new friends. Sitting in the epicentre of one of the world's best kite surfing spots, Vila Coqueiros' alluring ambience and community vibe provide the perfect back drop to your holiday in Brazil thanks to its striking features, including: In the morning, step our of your luxury room straight onto the beautiful beach. Spend the day kitesurfing in perfect conditions, with the constant winds that Cumbuco offers all year round, then relax facing the ocean in an adopted Nikki beach vibe. Chill out with a beer and enjoy live music during our regular events, such as Coconut Grooves and The Day Club whilst the sun sets. When the day is done, rest in your very own luxury room with a balcony view.

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